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Secrets of the Seven Smallest States of Europe: Andorra, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, San Marino and Vatican City

This unique book examines the history, culture, and inner workings of the seven smallest independent countries in Europe. These are among the oldest states on the continent and, despite their diversity, they have much in common. Most have relatively high per capita incomes and life expectancies, and relatively low unemployment. This narrative presents the unique issues that confront small countries, including maintaining their independence, economic viability, preserving their native languages, and sustaining their governments. The second part of the book describes each microstate in turn, showing how each one has met these challenges and adapted over time. These concise and engaging chapters contain cultural information on subjects including the arts, gastronomy, and popular tourist sites.

San Marino Travel Guide: Sightseeing, Hotel, Restaurant & Shopping Highlights

Surrounded entirely by Italy, the tiny mountainous enclave of San Marino has endured as a fiercely independent country for over 1700 years. San Marino is located 10km south of the Italian city, Rimini and is completely surrounded by the Italian territory of the Emilia-Romagna and Le Marche regions near the north Adriatic Sea. San Marino – Culture – Location & Orientation – Climate & When to Visit – Sightseeing Highlights – Monte Titano – Guaita – Cesta Tower – Museum of Ancient Weapons – Palazzo Pubblico – Cava dei Balestrieri (Crossbowmen’s Quarry) – Churches – Saint Francis Museum – Basilica del Santo Marino – Church of St Peter – Church of the Cappuccini – Museums – Museo di Stato – Palazzo Vallonni – San Marino Car Museum – Museum of Curious Objects (Museo della Curiosita) – Museum of Torture (Museo della Tortura) – Vampire Museum – Open-Air Museum – Museum of Rural Life & Traditions “House of Fabrica” – Borgo Maggiore – Coin & Stamp Museum – Museum of Natural History – Recommendations for the Budget Traveller – Places to Stay – Hotel Joli – Hotel Cesare – Garden Village San Marino – Hotel Quercia Antica – Hostel San Marino – Places to Eat – Il Beccafico Restaurant – Restaurant Smaller – Il Loco – Hostaria da Lino Restaurant – America Graffiti Diner – Places to Shop – Atlante Shopping Center – Baldacci’s Musical Instruments – San Marino Factory Outlet – Borgo Maggiore Market – Azienda Filatelica-Numismatica

San Marino: Historical and Artistic Itinerary