Books about Falkland Islands

Falkland Islands: The Bradt Travel Guide

This guide gives special prominence to the natural history of these islands which are teeming with wildlife, with a focus on conservation and environmental issues.

Falkland Islands Explorer Map

This fine map in the excellent “Ocean Explorer” series covers the Falkland Islands region. Produced in the same format as the previous maps in the series, one side provides a detailed map of the islands with key areas identified, while the other side presents information of the areas wildlife, geography and history, along with providing a town plan to Stanley.

The Falkland Islands : Between the Wind & Sea

The Falkland Islands , in the wild South Atlantic, are home to one of the greatest gatherings of wildlife on Earth. Award-winning photograoher and naturalist Kevin Schafer has created a vivid, colorful portrait of this extraordinary natural pageant. The 100 color images of penguins, albatross and other wildlife is combined with a lively text on the natural and human history of this isolated archipelago.

Lonely Planet The Falklands & South Georgia Island (Regional Guide)

Plucky penguins and regal albatrosses, awe-inspiring fjords and magnificent icebergs, convivial pubs and captivating shipwrecks – the Falklands and South Georgia Island make for an unforgettable adventure. Written by Lonely Planet founder Tony Wheeler, our one-of-a-kind guide steers you through the heart of this remote and spectacularly rugged landscape.

Go Wild – our natural history chapter brings you closer to the islands’ fascinating bird and marine mammal communities.

Take a Hike – in-depth coverage of island walks, including a trek following Shackleton’s footsteps over icy South Georgia Island

Get Beneath the Surface – soak up the area’s fascinating shipwreck legacy on Stanley’s Maritime History Trail

Sleep Tight – from cosy B&Bs to secluded portacabins, accommodations to suit every taste

Go Beyond – the only guidebook with comprehensive coverage of South Georgia Island

Antarctica Cruising Guide: Includes Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Ross Sea

Now packed with three additional destination sections, as well as even more breathtaking color photographs, wildlife descriptions, and detailed area maps, this updated edition to a bestselling Antarctican travel guide includes fascinating, full accounts of interesting places, spectacular landscapes, and local plants and wildlife—from penguins and other birds to whales, seals, and myriad mammals. A definitive field guide to Antarctica, this book caters to South Pole visitors traveling by luxury liner, adventure cruise, or private boat. Written by experienced Antarctic travelers who are recognized experts in the continent’s wildlife, conservation, and political history, every page offers gorgeous color photographs of the great white south. Special attention is paid to explaining the threats to Antarctic conservation, including global warming, and there are tips on how visitors can minimize their own impact and help preserve this unique continent.