About Liechtenstein


High in the mountain range of the Alps, Liechtenstein is not only landlocked, but its neighbours are landlocked countries as well. This small country is ruled by a real prince, His highness Hans-Adam of Liechtenstein. One of the oldest royal families in Europe. From Switzerland or Austria it is a nice trip to Liechtenstein. The things the ministate offers are not very different form those of the bigger neighbours, but the atmosphere is somewhat special. The entire country has a police force of 22 men and one dog for their protection, for example.

Vaduz is the capital and the only city of some size. It is an attractive place and worth a visit.


Vaduz is the capital city of Liechtenstein, houses the palace of the prince, the seat the government and the parliament.
The lively principal place with the new pedestrian area is the heart of the town. Many cosy “Strassencaf√©s” invite you to have a drink. A variety of cultural attractions is nearby. The new art museum, the post office and stamp museum, the private small galleries and the ski museum are main attractions. Many activities are on offer as well. Beside the biggest open-air swimming pools of the region with a 60 m slide, you will find an indoor tennis court, a Squashcenter and a modern football stadium.


Malbun has 4 chair lifts and is pretty much a ski resort. It is located at 1600 ft above sea level and is a tourist atraction.

Photo by Wikimedia Commons.