About Latvia

Latvia is located on the Baltic Sea, between Lithuania and Estonia. The country itself may be less famous than its capital Riga, one of the most beautiful cities of the Baltic region. About a third of the population of Latvia lives in the capital and for all purposes it is the best base for exploring the country. Since Latvia is relatively small, most of the other sights can be seen as daytrips from the capital.
Jurmala is the best beach resort to go to. It has been popular with city dwellers from Latvia for over 150 years and the city houses some great Jugendstil architecture. Apart from the beaches there are also forests here where you can go hiking.

Riga is located on the Baltic Sea. It is the capital of Latvia and a third of all Latvians live here. In almost all respects the city is the point around which life in Latvia revolves.
Riga is more than 800 years old and a perfect place for spending your vacation. See the sights section for more details. Rige is well connected with the outside world. You can arrive by plane, train, car or ferry, see the getting there for details.
Riga is a lively city both during the day and at night. There are many small restaurants as well as places to go out.

“Jurmala, a resort town possessing 150-year-old resort traditions, occupies approximately one-tenth part of the coastal line. Jurmala is the place for a city dweller tired of life to reacquire the feeling of being the Nature’s child. Here fresh sea wind will fill people’s lungs and make them dizzy with the smell of pines, the eyes will rest in the blue of the sea, the feet will sink in the soft golden sand… The sun and the wind are stroking the skin, the waves that in August are usually most warm and green will gently rock the swimming body… Jurmala with its romantic wooden houses in art nouveau (Jugendstil), its spacious beaches, forests, and calmly flowing Lielupe river is especially attractive in the modern world of standards, for it has not lost its singularity. At the same time every guest of Jurmala is glad to find available everything necessary to a city dweller appreciating comfort.”

Photo by Wikimedia Commons.